Thursday, November 29, 2012

fall out

some eggs from our chickens and ducks

 The Tomatillo harvest...

We made about 30 jars of (spicy) Tomatillo Salsa this year.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Canning sauce over the weekend...

 That's the stuff..garlic, basil, olive oil, serrano pepper...

 Tomatillos...almost harvest time...couple of monsters here on the sunny edge of the garden..Tomatillos are apparently very hardy, like last year they are still flowering and flourishing.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pictures from Spring..

A busy Spring, Summer and Fall have kept me from my gardens and my blogs. I had just enough time to get things planted and occasionally staked. 

 Rows for Tomatoes and Tomatillos...oh, and a new fence my neighbor and I put in.
I moved the 'Avery' out back.

 Volunteer Pumpkins..

 Web-footers in their temporary enclosure..

 Daisey's flower pots...

Dogs chillin'

Saturday, April 21, 2012


So Thursday I went to the dump. Now the politically correct moniker is 'Transfer Station' which means it gets tranferred somewhere else to be buried and burned. I went to scrap a piece of aluminum gutter that had blown of some contractors truck into my yard. I was also hunting for cinder blocks for the chicken coop. What I came home with was a load of used 3/8" plywood and a pair of rolling patio doors. Almost everything I needed to make the cold-frames I've been meaning to build for a while now. So yesterday on my way to pick up chicks at Longhorn Supply I spied Reynolds Motorsports had a bunch of huge pallets out for the taking. I brought home three and stripped them down and removed all the nails and recovered about $20 worth of carriage bolts too. The little pile here is what I have leftover which will go into a screened enclosure for the chickens. Cant beat these prices!

Each of the cold frames holds about 9 flats of seedlings.

Daisey's Tulips are coming along.

 Spinach and lettuces are up...

Store bought garlic is up! 

 More spinach, lettuce,,, turnip beyond..

Friday, April 20, 2012

They grow up so fast...

Don't remember where I left off last time but all our critters are still alive and thriving. I promise better picture soon...there's a lot going on around here! 

Taking lettuce handouts...

The coop is coming into being...still working out location on my small lot.

Doors have gone on...

 The kiddie pool was pretty popular once I got everybody in at once. Still working out the details on this. Only our largest Goose can get in by herself.

We were suppose to have received our 'first ducks and chickens' today. I went to gather the newbies but sadly learned that the whole shipment had perished in the mail. Ready to go I went to our local hardware store and adopted some chicks anyway, I got the last two Rhode Island Reds and four Barred  Rocks. We are going to be over run when our order finally comes in in May!